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Connecting RV dealerships with RV buyers

Redzia RVs provides the most effective method for RV dealerships to be contacted by RV buyers. The majority of RV buyers are conducting research on recreational vehicles on the internet and Redzia RVs provides the means for dealerships to be easily found amongst the crowd.

Connecting with RV buyers at various stages of their research and decision cycle

RV buyers often know they are looking to buy a particular RV type like a Class A Motorhome or Fifth Wheel but they are not knowledgeable about all of the manufacturers of that type of RV or they are not sure of the features. Redzia RVs gives dealers the opportunity to guide their decision making process by putting many of these buyers in touch with the dealership early in the decision making process.

Giving RV dealers the flexibility in targeting their markets

Redzia RVs gives dealers the flexibility of choosing the types of leads they receive based on RV type, manufacturer and region. The dealers are given the option of changing any of their lead criteria at any stage subject to availability.

Providing RV dealers with the tools to measure sales generated

Often it is difficult to know which advertising or marketing effort is producing the best results. Redzia RVs encourages dealers to measure their return on investment for all advertising and provides the tools to measure the sales generated from our services.